Vic August

Vic August (age 19 years) is a West Australian Singer, Songwriter and Rapper that has taken Australia by storm with his unique, ice-cold auto-tuned delivery and charismatic charm. Starting out in Perth, then making his way around the country he began writing at the age of 7 and started to rap by the age of 12, recording his very first single at the age of 14. At that time he dreamt about having a music career but didn’t have the motivation to do so, until one of his friends passed away when he was a young teen.

Realising how fast life can change and how unpredictable the future is, Vic decided to put all of his attention into music as a form of expression, ultimately finding that his writing and creativity was a gift, exposed by tragedy. After recording his very first single at the age of 14, Vic continued to hone his craft and build a dedicated international fanbase on Soundcloud, dropping a mass of singles and projects to a consistently ascending reception, all of which peaked in November, 2017 with the first instalment of his ‘Glass House’ series. ‘Glass House 2’ arrived not long after in May, 2018 and was not only Vic’s first project available on every platform, but also his first Top Ten Debut on the Australian iTunes Hip-Hop chart (#8), soon to to be one-upped by his Truths EP (#1) in 2019.


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