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Dateless brings down the House on “About That” EP – NEST HQ

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Dateless creates playlist for ‘Dirtybird’s Campout East Festival’

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Welcome to the era of Dateless! ​ Nothing less than a rhythm junkie, this hopeless romantic’s productions most notably feature groovy Latin percussion sections accompanied by irresistibly funky basslines. With an ability to hear extremely precise rhythm, Dateless separates himself from countless artists with his ability to intentionally create imperfect grooves. These subtle imperfections create the illusion that his music is being played by live instrumentalists, an element that does not go unnoticed by devout fans and artists alike. ​ On stage he has an infectious energy that exudes passion and flair. His overly confident manner enables him to be in complete control of the crowd, comparable to that of a conductor guiding the musical performance of his orchestra. Ultimately his immense passion for music and extreme desire to be placed on the main stages of the biggest festivals results in timeless dance music that is sure to be heard around the world. ​ Keep an eye and ear on this space because Dateless music is destined to echo in eternity.

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