20 year old urban producer GXNXVS likes the finer things. The deepness of 90s RnB, the dementedness of Clams Casino and FKA Twigs, the subversion of the LA beat scene, hot female vocals and finally, trap stylings, now we’re getting closer. GXNXVS also likes to be busy. Producing beats for rappers around the globe, dropping his warped and beautiful ‘Lately’ EP, and putting out remixes. Entering the live scene is his next conquest. Listen to the music and hear the start of something progressive and remarkable.

Things people say

DISCOBELLE: “mysterious Australian producer GXNXVS is a rising talent… enchanting
HYPETRAK: “sensual, soulful, impressive
FRONTLINER: “deft ability to juggle lush, chill sounds and urban beats
LAKIM: “So yeah, listened to this EP… you next up

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